The Rookie Sidekick Models
The Rookie Reloader
The Rookie Fire Hose Roller

Two Rookie Sidekick Models


All-in-One | weighs 160 pounds
3" | weighs 130 pounds

All-in-One • L31.5" | W 21" | H 30"
3" • L 30" | W 20" | H 27"
(not including stand)

Choose either a Honda 3 HP gas engine or a Leeson electric motor
All-in-One • 1HP | 3" • 3/4HP

Heavy-duty welded steel frame and powder-coated construction

One-year warranty

Conforms to OSHA inspection

3" Model shown below

Rookie Sidekick Stand

Rookie Sidekick Models

Shown | The Rookie SideKick All-In-One (AIO) mounted on optional portable stand (adjusts to roll any size fire hose up to 7-1/4 inch)

Also Available | The Rookie SideKick 3" Model
(rolls 3⁄4-inch to 3-inch fire hose). Rookie Sidekick 3" (gas or electric) motorized hose roller now available via GSA contract #GS-07F0481N, (along with the original Rookie USFS model).

Product Features
The Rookie SideKick is the most versatile power fire hose roller made. It comes with a receiver hitch adaptor and also mounts easily on any ATV rack. It rolls fire hoses from three different directions without moving vehicle. Air and water are removed automatically during the rolling process.

The Rookie Sidekick at work

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